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Citrus Reptile Rescue

Our Adoption Agreement-

Citrus Reptile Rescue

Thomas DeLones Jr. 352-266-4009

Rachel Vaughn -352-400-5646




Adoption Agreement

I ________________________________________, hereby agree to adopt the below described

animal and promise to provide the animal with proper amounts of food, vet care and

fresh drinking water. I also agree that I have extensive knowledge on the care and

behavior of this animal therefore I could provide the animal with adequate living

quarters. I agree to pay an adoption fee of $________________ for the single animal

described below.

If for any reason I am unable to care for and or remain in custody of the below described

animal I understand the animal must be returned to Citrus Reptile Rescue. I understand

if I sell the below described animal or surrender animal to anyone other than Citrus Reptile Rescue I will in breach of contract which may result in legal action taken against

me. I have verified that I am at least 18 years of age.

By signing below I herby acknowledge that I understand and agree to all of the terms of

this agreement.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Signature of person surrendering animal / Date

__________________________________________________ _______________

Signature of Citrus Reptile Rescue / Date



Animal(s) Information:

Animals Name__________________________ Age _____________________________


Breed________________________________ Gender___________________________