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Citrus Reptile Rescue


Welcome to our web site!

We are under construction right now, but please feel free to contact us at citrusreptilerescue@tampabay.rr.com or 352-400-5646 if there is anything we can help you with.  Thank you for your patience.
Rachel and TJ

Under new Florida laws, we will no longer be able to accept the following reptiles-

Indian or Burmese python,

Reticulated python, African rock python, Amethystine or Scrub python, Green

anaconda and the Nile monitor

We will be working on gathering information on facilities that will be licenced to rescue these reptiles.

Citrus Reptile Rescue
Inverness, FL 34453 

Phone: (352) 400-5646 

            (352) 266-4009 

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